Poweroad Lithium Motorbike Battery (PLFE-30L) 12V 8Ah 420 CCA - YTX30L / YB30CL-Powerland
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Poweroad Lithium Motorbike Battery (PLFE-30L) 12V 8Ah 420 CCA - YTX30L / YB30CL

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Lithium motorcycle starting batteries have now been adopted by more and more motorcycle manufacturers, and is now very popular in the motor cycle world. Through exciting innovation and R&D, Poweroad have successfully developed the OEM series of lithium motorcycle batteries to replace the Genuine Motorcycle Batteries, with the same dimensions and optimized performances.

Lithium-ion starting batteries are much lighter and smaller than an equivalent lead-acid battery. The POWEROAD OEM series is by far one of the best options for your motorcycle. They can be used in many OEM applications as the starting batteries, like YUASA Motorcycle Battery.

Key Features

Poweroad use Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, which offer less energy density than other types of Lithium-ion batteries but are more chemically stable and not as susceptible to thermal overrun that can cause a fire. Safety is our first priority.

Other main features and benefits of our original design motorcycle battery are as below

● High-rate continuous discharge current

● Great motorcycle replacement battery for lead acid battery

● More than 2000 life cycles

● Super-fast charging rate through high current

● 60% lighter than comparable lead acid battery, much more suitable for racing bike,   dirt bike and Harley Davidson bikes with heavy vibration

● Outstanding heat resistance battery case up to 230℃

● Long storage time when the battery is idle (Typically 9-12 Months)

● No acid or metal pollution

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        Brand Poweroad
        Voltage 12v
        Technology LITHIUM
        Capacity 420 CCA - 8Ah
        Length 165 mm
        Width 125 mm
        Height inc. terms 175 mm

        1.6 KG

         Warranty 4 Years


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