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GivEnergy Hybrid 3.6kW Inverter

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Part No: GIV-HY3.6 Storage Systems - Hybrid Inverter

     GivEnergy hybrid inverters is a must for every house hold where you have backup power during power outages as well as saving on your utility bill. This unique hybrid utilizes the free giving sunlight and makes it an flexible power source that is available when you need it as well as direct battery charge from your PV array.

    System needs to be connected to the internet to comply with warranty requirements.

    Product Features

    • Uses GivEnergy Lithium batteries that can be added to extend KWh of battery bank
    • Batteries can be charged from Solar PV as well as your current utility supply
    • Cloud based monitoring and control through WEB APP interface
    • Inverter can be remotely updated Via Wi-Fi /4G dongle
    • Inverter do have 2500W backup power capability
    • Available in 3.6KW and 5KW
    • Inverter has 2 MPPT PV inputs that allow you to have solar panels in 2 different orientations
    • Installations can be for new installs or retrofit to an existing system
    • Backup function supported

    Please Note:

    • Givenergy online portal login is required to fully commission this system. If You do not already have a login, please contact GivEnergy before going to site to install!
    • You need to attend GivEnergy Installers Training in order to install this product. Please check with GivEnergy for details.   If fitted by non-trained installer the Warranty will be VOID!
    • Givenergy system must be connected to the internet to benefit from full warranty services, please refer to GIV-WIFI-DONGLE or GIV-3G-DONGLE


    Supplier Part No: 3.6kW Hybrid inverter
    Weight: 33 kg
    Rated Power: 3,600 W
    Min PPT Voltage: 120 V
    Max PPT Voltage: 600 V
    DC Startup Voltage: 120 V
    DC Shutdown Voltage: 100 V
    Max Input Voltage: 600 V
    Max DC Power: 4,500 W
    Max AC Power (5 Minutes): 3,679 W
    Surge AC Power (1 Second): 3,680 W
    Max DC Current: 22 A
    Max DC Inputs: 2
    Has DC Fuses: 0
    Connector: MC4  
    Included Connectors: 0
    Euro Efficiency: 99.5 %
    Transformer: None
    MPPT Quantity : 2
    Has Integrated DC Switch: No

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