Growatt SPH 6kW Dual MPPT Hybrid Inverter-Powerland
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Growatt SPH 6kW Dual MPPT Hybrid Inverter

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The Growatt SPH 6kW hybrid inverter enables design flexibility with 2 MPPTs  and an IP65 rating that allows for the inverter to be installed outside. This inverter can be monitored via the Growatt Shine-WiFi-S.

The SPH comes with EPS functionality built in, with <550ms changeover time keeping the power on during blackouts. The SPH can be paired with up to 6 x 3.3kWh ML33TRA (19.8kWh) or 4 x 6.5kWh GBLI batteries (26kWh).

Buying from Midsummer also increases the warranty from the standard 5 years to 10 years.

Input PV
Max DC Power   8000W
Max DC Voltage: 550V
Start-up Voltage: 150V
No. Mpp Trackers: 2
Max Mpp Current: 12A

AC attributes
Max power: 6000w
Max current: 27A
Number of phases: 1

Output AC Backup
Max Power Output: 3000W
Rated Output Current: 13A
Switch Time: <550ms

Protection Rating: IP65
Weight: 27kg 
Dimensions (HxWxD): 547*516*170mm
Key features
  • Flexible
    • Storage ready solution, batteries can be added later.
    • Dynamic feed-in control.
    • Settable charging and discharging times.
  • Reliable
    • Natural cooling, no additional fans.
    • Integrated backup feature, 0.5s transfer time.
  • Enhanced Safety
    • Smart battery management ensures battery safety.
    • Comprehensive whole system protection

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