LG-B220TBAR - 12v 28Ah AGM Golf Battery-Powerland
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LG-B220TBAR - 12v 28Ah AGM Golf Battery

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Range Info:

AGM Golf are our introduction range to golf users, ideal for casual golfers. Lead Acid AGM are Valve-Regulated that have been optimized for cycling applications, engineered for deep cycle applications offering more than 600 cycles at 50% DoD. Guaranteed you be able to get on the green game after game.

Features and Benefits:

  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology
  • Model range from 22AH up to 35AH
  • Unique anti-explosion one-way vent valve design to minimize water loss and increase safety
  • Thick plates using a special pasting formula ensures long service life
  • ABS case UL94-HB (UL94-V0 Optional) is used for increased container strength
  • Up to 200 rounds of golf achievable
  • Suitable for all major golf trolley brands e.g. Powakaddy, Motocaddy.
  • Maintenance-free, no leakage
  • Reliable performance in all weather conditions/temperatures
  • Small and compact

Technology Low-Down

The Golf AGM series utilises the latest in Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, with the electrolyte inside the battery absorbed in a specially designed fiberglass material. This means that all the batteries in this range are entirely maintenance-free and can be mounted in any orientation without the risk of leakage. The absorbed electrolyte also means AGM batteries are more resistant to extreme temperatures and sudden temperature fluctuations than their traditional lead-acid counterparts, making them an ideal choice for golfers who want performance and reliability whenever they play, wherever they are.

Voltage 12v
Ah 28Ah (C20)
Up to X holes 27 Hole
Weight 8.8kg
Length 167mm
Width 175mm
Height 125mm
Total Height 125mm
Terminal Type T-Bar
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