Powerland Battery- Start Stop- AGM115E 12v 80Amps CCA (EN) 800A (Type 115)-Powerland
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Powerland Battery- Start Stop- AGM115E 12v 80Amps CCA (EN) 800A (Type 115)

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Platinum Batteries are the Number 1 selling brand in the UK. Widely known as ‘The Consumer’s Choice’, the entire range meets the specification originally fitted by the vehicle manufacturer.

Start Stop Plus AGM Batteries

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) is manufactured specifically for Micro-Hybrid vehicles fitted with the Start/Stop, Brake Energy Regeneration and other technologies designed to reduce fuel consumption, such as:

  • Gear Shift Indicators
  • High Efficiency Alternators
  • Enhanced Starter Motor
  • Energy Management System (EMS)

The Start/Stop Plus AGM batteries have increased cyclic performance. Not only can they cope with increased demand from fuel saving devices on the vehicle, they are also able to power a wider range of ancillary equipment than the ECM, even when the engine is in the idle position.

AGM – Battery Evolution

One of the main distinguishing features of the AGM battery is the ‘Gas Recombination’ technology it utilises. This process keeps any Oxygen & Hydrogen that may have escaped from a standard lead acid battery within the AGM battery throughout the charging cycle.  The Oxygen released from the positive plate recombines with the Hydrogen in the negative plate, following the breakdown of water during charging. This establishes a closed electrochemical cycle, with ZERO gas emission or water consumption.

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Voltage 12 Volts
Technology AGM
Capacity 80Ah
Length 317 mm
Width 175 mm
Height inc. terms 190 mm
Weight 22.6 Kg


Warranty 3 Years

Battery Type: 115


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