SolarEdge 4000H SetAPP NO DISPLAY with StorEdge 4-Powerland
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SolarEdge 4000H SetAPP NO DISPLAY with StorEdge 4

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Part No: SE-4000H-APP-S4 Storage Systems - Hybrid Inverter
    This part is made up of the following items:
    1 x SE-STI-S4 StorEdge DC Interface S4 for HD Wave with LG Chem RESU HV 7-10-16  
    1 x SE-4000H-APP SolarEdge 4000W Single Phase HD Wave Inverter NO DISPLAY  

    A groundbreaking SolarEdge HD-Wave inverter matched with an S4 interface for compatibility with the hotly anticipated LG Chem HV range of 7 and 10kWh. 

    The maximum PV yield delivered by the inverter is ideal for making the most of the energy capacity of the LG Chem range


    Weight: 13 kg
    Rated Power: 4,000 W
    Min PPT Voltage: 0 V
    Max PPT Voltage: 0 V
    DC Startup Voltage: 0 V
    DC Shutdown Voltage: 0 V
    Max Input Voltage: 480 V
    Max DC Power: 6,200 W
    Max AC Power (5 Minutes): 4,000 W
    Surge AC Power (1 Second): 4,000 W
    Max DC Current: 11.5 A
    Max DC Inputs: 2
    Has DC Fuses: 0
    Connector: MC4  
    Included Connectors: 2
    Euro Efficiency: 98.8 %
    Transformer: None
    IP Rating: IP20
    MPPT Quantity : 0
    Has Integrated DC Switch: Yes
    Warranty: 12 years

    Providers of distributed solar power harvesting and PV monitoring systems. SolarEdge maximises power generation of residential and large scale PV systems for faster return on investment. 

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