SolaX X1 Hybrid 1 Phase Inverter HV 3.0kW-Powerland
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SolaX X1 Hybrid 1 Phase Inverter HV 3.0kW

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  • Part No: X1-3000T Storage Systems - Hybrid Inverter

      X1-Hybrid HV Single Phase

      The third generation of the X1-Hybrid Storage Inverter is the latest to be released from SolaX and has a range of new features such as built-in EPS output that enables the end user to run off their batteries in the event of a power cut, Export Control making it possible to limit exported power and advanced connectivity making it suitable for grid-trading applications.

      Other features like easy remote access with monitoring using the SolaX app – Xcloud, makes it very user (and installer) friendly while the industry-leading 10-year warranty gives great peace of mind.

      Additional features:

      • High voltage battery support means thinner cables are required
      • 6kW Max charge/discharge
      • Wifi or LAN stick available separately
      • G100 Export Limitation compliant
      • Suitable for grid trading applications with less than 0.5s response time
      • Charging from grid possible

      Please note the minimum number of batteries per X1 Hybrid inverter is 1 and maximum of 3. Please note batteries need to be the same capacity, its not possible to connect both 4.5kWh and 6.3kWh to one inverter.

      UK only: This inverter has been tested and certified according to G98 or G99, but only for units having most recent Firmware and Hardware version. All Segen stock meets that criteria.


      Supplier Part No: X1-Hybrid 3000E
      Weight: 26.9 kg
      Rated Power: 3,000 W
      Min PPT Voltage: 125 V
      Max PPT Voltage: 550 V
      DC Startup Voltage: 125 V
      DC Shutdown Voltage: 125 V
      Max Input Voltage: 600 V
      Max DC Power: 4,500 W
      Max AC Power (5 Minutes): 3,300 W
      Surge AC Power (1 Second): 6,000 W
      Max DC Current: 24 A
      Max DC Inputs: 2
      Has DC Fuses: 0
      Connector: SUNCLIX  
      Included Connectors: 2
      Euro Efficiency: 97 %
      Transformer: None
      MPPT Quantity : 2
      Has Integrated DC Switch: No
      Warranty: 10 years

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